The Science

The Rejuvenair© solution uses H13 HEPA and military grade UVGI technology together to eliminate up to 99.9% of particles, down to sub-micron levels in spaces up to 60m2.

Respiratory infections such as the common cold, influenza, and coronavirus are spread via droplets or small particle droplet nuclei (aerosols). As well as being present on surfaces, these particles are so small that they can become suspended in the air and when inhaled, attach to the lining of the nose and throat. This causes the coughing, sore throat, and congestion associated with these illnesses. Therefore, pure, clean air is essential to suppressing the transmission of these viruses.

The most powerful and effective way to do this is with UVC-power air purification.

Rejuvenair air purification units are fitted with the highest quality Steril-Aire EGTS20 UVC emitters. These are the only UVC lamp endorsed by the Infection Prevention Society and specified by the MoD and NATO. They are incredibly good quality UVC lights. Considering airflow fixed at 600 m3 /hr or 0.167 m3/s, the exposure time of the air within the UVC chamber is 0.948 seconds – optimal for killing the microorganisms that cause respiratory illness.

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The App

Rejuvenair comes with an app providing live status information, so you can ensure that the unit is performing.

This data is delivered straight to the palm of your hand, so you can continually monitor air quality in the building, from anywhere.  All you need is your unit code and we'll do the rest.  Visitors using the VIBE APP are able to keep a record of where they have been and for how long.  This information links up with the Indoor Air Quality measures and unit performance reports to help monitor, track and trace where transmission risk may be highest.  This helps the user to analyse their frequented spaces both before and after visiting, assisting 'safer movement' decisions. 

Building managers can also monitor humidity and CO2 levels, so they can gain a better understanding of how the building is used. This will help to streamline operations and pinpoint at-risk areas, making their approach to health and safety data-driven and fully comprehensive.
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The Service

We're extremely confident in the service provided by Rejuvenair©. You can rely on our friendly team of experts to be there when you need them. All Rejuveanir© protected sites are managed and maintained by us and we have access to the machine performance reports. This means that we're able to make sure your machine is working as it should all year round, remotely, without disturbing you. Our engineers will take care of any maintenance, including bulb replacements when they're required. When your machine is due for a service, we'll contact you to arrange your appointment via the app. All that's left for you to do is put the kettle on!

If you'd rather speak to a human, you can reach us at +44 (0) 203 4048 100 or contact@rejuvenair.local. Our dedicated customer service team are ready to help when you need them.

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The Company

It is now more important than ever to ensure that the air people breathe indoors is made as safe as possible. Clearly communicating that air quality is actively being improved, reassures people that they are safe.  

This knowledge allows users of the space to operate as normally as possible, during and after the COVID -19 pandemic, helping the UK economy to recover.

The Rejuvenair© team is a group of highly skilled professional engineers, specialising in MEP design, with over 100 years' experience combined, who are dedicated to improving the health of all people who breathe air indoors. 

We constantly investigate and research new technologies to make sure you're getting the best possible solution at the best price. With Rejuvenair© you can rest assured that the quality of air inside of your building, is the safest it possibly can be.
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