Why Rejuvenair?

Air quality has always been of paramount importance in the workplace, in the wake of COVID-19, it is essential that your team is reassured that they are safe. The air that we breathe can have a huge impact on our health, happiness and productivity. This is why we created Rejuvenair.

Although video calling has come a long way, it will never replace the dynamism and productivity of an in-person working environment. Rejuvenair wants to help the UK get back to work – and to make this possible, we harness the decontaminating power of UVC light.

Rejuvenair air filters work by sucking air through the device and passing it through a HEPA filter and UVC light chamber, which eradicates all known viruses and bacteria. Whereas in the past UVC air filters didn’t have the capacity for an entire office or factory floor, our devices provide a ‘single-pass kill rate’ that is capable of filtering the air four times per hour in a 60m2 space. Furthermore, they provide 9000 hours of constant use at a 99.95% kill rate before the light needs to be inspected or replaced.

Rejuvenair has many unique features. One of the most important is the unmatched quality of UVC light we use inside of the units. Rejuvenair UVC lamps are:

1. Approved for use by NATO 

2. Specified by the MoD for The Royal Navy

3. Endorsed by The Infection Prevention Society

4. Clinically Validated – peer-reviewed & published

5. Successfully tested (most powerful UVC world-wide) by U.S. Homeland Security

No other UVC anywhere in the world can say this. 

As well as offering this superior level of air filtration, Rejuvenair includes an app which constantly communicates with sensors inside of the machine, monitoring effectiveness in real-time, allowing you to check the safety of the air before you enter the building.

This gives building visitors confidence that they are breathing clean air when they enter and allows businesses to track the air quality at their premises.

Rejuvenair is not just an air filtering system in a box, rather, Rejuvenair provides a full and complete air safety service. To install the system, an engineer will conduct a site visit and full air safety risk assessment. From here, they’ll create a bespoke ‘safe air strategy’ for the building’s particular configuration. This assessment includes highlighting key areas of risk, calculating the quantity and position of Rejuvenair machines, and a comprehensive information plan for management and staff. After the assessment, proposal, acceptance and installation, our clients can then access the app for detailed air quality data. Once the units are installed, relevant signage, email communication, regular updates and notifications are provided to ensure that air safety remains at the forefront of people’s minds.

With Rejuvenair, business owners, management, employees and visitors can be confident that the air is safe, clean and hygienic. Alongside what is surely the priority of every business – the health of their staff, customers and visitors – Rejuvenair helps businesses to optimise their operations. With around-the-clock air quality insights, management can construct a clearer picture of building use, maximising efficiency and in turn, reducing costs.

With cutting-edge UVC technology, we can build safer workspaces and with clean, purified air. Nothing will replace working together face-to-face, and with Rejuvenair, we can take active steps towards keeping us at work, now and into the future.

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