Raising awareness around the causes of lung cancer

Yesterday was World Lung Cancer Day. Started by the European Respiratory Society (ERS), 1st August was chosen as a date to raise awareness around a condition that affects 47,000 people every yearin the UK. Around 35,100 of these lung cancer patients will, tragically, go on to die. That's 96 deaths every day.  Lung cancer is the […]

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UVC filters: Make sure you’re getting the real thing

We’ve spent much time singing the praises of UVC light filtration. Germicidal UVC filters are one of the most effective ways to eliminate micro-organisms and other harmful particulate matter from the air. These filters can be installed in air conditioning systems, fitted as ceiling lamps to decontaminate unoccupied rooms, as mobile units, or integrated into […]

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Avoidable illness and productivity losses: Is there a solution?

According to research by British private health insurance firm Vitality Health, the UK economy loses a staggering £77.5 billion annually due to staff sickness. This accounts for almost a month of lost productivity per staff member, per year – and that was even before COVID-19 and the subsequent “pingdemic”. But what can business owners and managers […]

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Is your ventilation system doing more harm than good?

Even before COVID, ventilation systems were our first line of defence against airborne pathogens. As authorities continue to emphasise, ventilation is an important weapon in our quest to control the spread of the virus. This is because harmful particles diffuse faster in well-ventilated spaces, reducing the chance of contagion.  To help visualise this concept, imagine […]

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Viruses and bacteria. Do you know the difference?

It’s widely known that both viruses and bacteria cause disease. Throughout history, millions of people have died from sicknesses caused by both. For example, the bubonic plague was caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria. Meanwhile, viral infections are responsible for diseases like smallpox and HIV/AIDS; and, lest we forget, the novel coronavirus. Both viral and bacterial infections are caused […]

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Dwell time: Do you know why it’s important?

Ahead of UK coronavirus restrictions lifting, many facilities managers are gearing up to return their building to ‘normal’ occupancy. However, this process comes with new safety concerns; primarily, how can we suppress and control the spread of COVID-19. Considering that there will inevitably be a section of the population that will remain vulnerable, this is […]

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Understanding CADR and how it relates to room size

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. This rating was invented by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, and today, it remains the most accurate metric for measuring an air purifier’s efficacy. This numerical value will tell you exactly what quantity of particulate matter the purifier will remove from the air.  Broadly speaking, CADR rating indicates […]

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Escape to the country in search of clean air

The pandemic radically changed everyone’s life. Lockdown, social distancing and hygiene measures had a significant impact on the way we conduct ourselves daily, and many of these changes are set to persist. Will we ever see a full office again? Will people continue to wear face coverings indoors? And will international travel recover? Some of these shifts […]

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Is your energy usage going out the window?

Tomorrow is World Environment Day. Initiated by the United Nations, 5th June was chosen as an annual date to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage action to protect our planet. To mark this occasion, we want to talk about a simple but pressing issue when it comes to saving energy – open windows. As […]

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What is a HEPA filter, anyway?

Many high-end air purifiers boast the acronym HEPA in their marketing materials. But why should we be looking out for this labelling in the first place? And what does it mean? In short, it’s a sign of quality and efficacy. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, which described filters that can capture at least 99.97% […]

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